Dear Parents,

  • Child should come to school regularly in time.
  • Child should come to school in proper school uniform with the necessary books and stationary.
  • Home work / assignments should be completed properly in time.
  • Child is abide by all the rules and regulations of the school.
  • Parents are requested to go through the remarks, if any, and follow the instructions accordingly. When such remarks are made in the diary, the parent’s / guardian’s signature is essential.
  • Attendance of the child should be above 85%. In case of absence, leave note should be filed.
  • Change of address or any other information should be immediately notified to the school office.
  • Parent-Teacher Meeting should be attended.
  • Any complaint should be given to the Principal in writing.
  • Fees should be paid till 15th of every month. After 15th of every month fine will be charged according to the pre-defined rules.