At IPVM we believe in learning by experiencing. We adapt that the linkage of theoretical knowledge with practical correlation will make the child understand the concepts better and such understanding will get deep embedded in their mind. The benefits of hands-on-learning in Ipvm revolve around multiple intelligence of children. This method tends to stimulate students into participating and eventually absorbing information that we believe they would not get from “normal” show-me-and-tell-me method. The children will learn through receptive teaching aids, assemblies, circle time, audio-visuals, e-learning, real time simulations of some of the basic principles, use of wall spaces to spread and ingrain various important aspects into students etc. All-in-All use of all the five senses, i.e. sight, taste, touch, smell and sound, of a child to bring meaning and order to the wide range of information and learning that a child needs to gather.