1. Students should maintain proper discipline and observe good manners.
  2. Shouting or running in the school building is prohibited.
  3. The senior students should allow and help the juniors to move first and in proper order.
  4. Students should follow the instructions of the school prefects and class monitors.
  5. Students should obey the instructions of the Principal, Teachers and other school authorities.
  6. Students should not pluck flowers from the school garden or damage it in any other way.
  7. Every student must take care to keep the school premises clean and should throw the waste papers, pencils, sharpeners, plastics or any other waste material only in the dustbins.
  8. Bringing lunch in the form of chips, packets or other wrapper is prohibited. Lunch should be brought in proper Tiffin boxes.
  9. All the belongings like pencil, lunch boxes, water bottles, books, note books, sweaters / blazers, karate uniform, etc., should be properly labeled with name, standard and section.
  10. Students should come to the school with neat and clean uniform, well groomed hair and well polished shoes.
  11. Nails should be properly clipped.
  12. Long hair is not permitted for boys and regular hair cut is compulsory with the only exception for Sikh students.
  13. Students should take special care when in library and in science or computer laboratory.
  14. Private tuitions are not allowed so please do not approach any teacher of this school for this purpose.
  15. If a child is sick, parents are requested not to send him / her to school. Half day leave will not be sanctioned.
  16. All the students are expected to follow the code of conduct.